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Gary Latson

Gary W. Latson, M.D., Founder


Dr Latson has over 40 years of experience in Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine and general military operational medicine. He became inspired to this cause due to the loss of his beloved 37 year old son due to complications of substance use. He is retiring from anesthesia practice and shifting his clinical focus to Addiction Medicine and devoting himself to his new mission of Ending Drug Deaths and helping those struggling with substance dependency.

Ann Rolling


Parent and Grandparent, Teacher, Executive Director of the nonprofit Emily Ann Theater in Wimberley, Texas. For over 25 years she and her family have developed a fledgling community theater project into a vibrant community activity center with theatric and musical presentations, a Veterans Memorial, multiple memorial gardens, children’s activities, community events and outdoor activities including Disc Golf and Pickleball. She brings invaluable experience in nonprofit management and a firm commitment to our cause.

Oscar Pérez, PhD

Board Member

Oscar C. Pérez PhD is a spiritual advisor and a trauma recovery counselor. Since 2003, Dr. Pérez has worked as a mentor, advocate, and counselor of at-risk youth and adults throughout the Southwest, New England, and Northern California. His unique approach focuses on a cross-cultural understanding of the origins and impacts of personal, generational, and historical trauma and helps guide clients and community members to create tangible life shifts that address the roots of self-destructive behaviors and transform them. In 2011, Dr. Pérez received a PhD from Brown University where he focused on cross-cultural uses of storytelling and ritual in helping individuals and communities heal the impacts of trauma. He went on to receive awards for Excellence in Teaching from Harvard University as a faculty advisor and teaching fellow from 2011-2012. In 2013, he was certified as a Strategic Intervention Coach under the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. In 2016, Dr. Pérez founded Tending the Fires LLC, an organization dedicated to helping individuals transform destructive social and emotional patterns in their lives through the application of cross-cultural spiritual teachings and practices. He currently works as a one-on-one spiritual counselor with individual clients and conducts organizational trainings and workshops for community health organizations such as the Sierra Community House of North Lake Tahoe and Zia Recovery Center in Southern New Mexico.

Ronda Leck

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Maria D. Lola Latson

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Sarah “Coco” Morris, Attorney


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