Substance abuse destroys lives throughout all cultural and socioeconomic classes. The problem has grown rapidly over the past three years due to the introduction of Fentanyl and its pervasive use in counterfeit pills. It affects families and friends far beyond the abuser, having ripple effects on virtually everyone. The frustration, grief and sense of helplessness experienced by anyone that has tried to intervene in the cycle of self-destruction is shared by millions. Unfortunately, to paraphrase a quote seen recently, “Problems build consensus, but solutions create conflict”.

While everyone acknowledges that substance abuse is a horrific problem, there are many different perspectives on the solutions. Some see it as a disease, some see it as a behavioral choice or personality defect, or a crime. The perceived solutions range from legalizing and even facilitating substance use to criminalizing and persecuting it. We will strive to consider all aspects of the problem and entertain any solution.

We will be guided by survivors and families that have LIVED THE PROBLEM, learned hard lessons and are dedicated to having an open mind toward unconventional and innovative approaches toward the ROOT CAUSES of substance abuse.